Monday, September 01, 2014

Storm at Sea

Hi all!

I have always loved the Storm at Sea quilt pattern.  I love the illusion of curves even though everything has straight edges.  It's so visually interesting and has so much movement!

I posted a couple pictures of the beginning of this quilt  and since I finally finished it I thought that I would post a picture of the finished quilt - ready to hang!

Ta da!  I love the way that it turned out!  I love the Kona solids and I love the quilting pattern!  I used my Loricles grooved board in Egyptian Eye.  I thought that it would give the illusion of waves across the quilt.  I quilted it in 40 wt Glide thread, top and bobbin, in Turquoise.  Love that Glide thread!

This quilt was all die cut using the pattern that comes with die number 55319 the half square 1 1/2" finished triangle.  I made a change to the pattern though and next time I make a Storm at Sea quilt I would make one more change.  I added on one die to the quilt.  The 3" Finished Quarter Square Triangle die - either for the Studio or the Go!  By adding in this die I eliminated pricing together 2 HSTs to make a QST unit, and, therefore bulk in the seams - yey!  There is a lot, and I mean a lot of point to point action going on here and getting rid of seam bulk is pretty major!  Next time I would use my 3.5" strip die to make the diamonds instead of pricing them with 2 triangle in a square units.  Again - less bulk!

I love to find ways to simplify patterns so that I have less work.  Sometimes less is more!

I used a batik wind-back that I had a meter of for the backing.   I love how it picks up the colours in the top of the quilt!

Now onto the next store sample!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Class Samples

Every year I make myself the same promise - I will get my class samples done, for the fall, in the summer!  And, regrettably every year I cram at the end - last minute LOL!  I am almost finished and I will have more blog posts for you; but, I thought that I would share a quick post to let you know what I have been doing.

Sorry the pictures are dark but you'll get the idea I am sure!

This fall I will be teaching several classes using the Accuquilt dies as well as the regular Accuquilt Go! Club that I teach and I needed to get my samples finished.

I had been making great progress with lots of them and then I remembered that I needed to get another one finished.  I already had the fabric washed and prepared I just needed to cut.

So cut I did and of course that went quickly

All the lovely little triangles, perfectly cut and ready to go!

Several hours later I had all the units ready to go together into the blocks.

I am making the Storm at Sea pattern that comes with the 1.5" Finished HST die.  I thought that it would be nice for the participants if they didn't have to purchase a pattern for the class as well as the dies.  So far I am very happy with how it is turning out!  I love green and blue colour combinations and the Kona solids are so nice to work with!  Now to pin these rows together.

Once I finish this top I will be loading 3 different tops onto my frame and quilting up a storm!

I have more pictures to share with you once I get access to my husband's phone - he took pictures of me quilting on my travel machine while we were at a lodge on vacation - LOL!   I know, I know - but I honestly got a lot done and it didn't take up that much room once I packed everything correctly; and, believe it or not - I got a lot done!

What do you think?  Do you like my idea for a class?  Are you interested in die cutting classes or are you content to work from home?

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Chinese Coins

Hi all!

I finished a UFO from my quilt closet the other day and I am fairly happy with how it turned out.  The biggest thing I am happy about is that it is finished more than anything.

This is a traditional "Chinese Coins" quilt - very simple pattern.  I completely cut this using my Accquilt strip dies.  The strip sets and sashing were made with the 2.5" strip die and then sub-cut with the 4.5" strip die.  It was a very easy pattern for a lap quilt.


What got me to finish this quilt was that I purchased another groove board from Loricles called "The Egyptian Eye" and it is the perfect quilting motif for the simple lines of this quilt.   I absolutely love the texture it creates!  I know that I will be using this board over and over again - I think it's my new favorite.


You can see the quilting a little better in this photo - so cool!  This will be a great quilt for summer :-)

I used 40 wt Fil-Tech Glide thread top and bobbin in white and I love the subtle shine of the thread.   It is my new go-to thread.  I have very few problems with it and the pre-wound bobbins last forever.  When I have to wind a bobbin myself now I realize how spoiled I am with the pre-wounds.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Yard Sale Find of the week!

The quilting yard sale gods must really like me!  I went to some yard sales again this morning and I came away with this!


It is a rolling stool!  I have wanted one for a long time to use in front of my longarm for doing detail work.  But I just couldn't justify the large price tag for a saddle stool.  well today was my lucky day.  I was able to get this dental stool at a yard sale for  - wait for it - $2.00!! I couldn't say no to that for sure!  I just saved myself a couple hundred dollars - and if I am not nuts about it eventually - hey it was only $2!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Night Sky Tablerunner is Finished!

Hi all!

I am so happy to report that my Night Sky test-run table-runner is finished!  t was a sucess in that i got to test the quilting that i was thinking of doing.  And it was a failure in that  really don't like how  quilted it LOL!  Since my Bridal Wreath Spireas are in full bloom I thought that I would try to capture them in the shots.


I do like the table-runner over-all.  I mean it will work - it will sit on a table perfectly well -I just have no desire to quilt the whole quilt like this.  I think it is too fussy without enough differentiation between the size of the quilting elements.


This is a better shot so that you can see the quilting in the stars - I like that part very much.  It was inspired by the quilting that Angela Walters did.


In this shot you can see the background fills more if you zoom in.  Not crazy about the pebbling (and I love pebbling!) but not in this case.   Time to re-think and try something smaller ;-)  All in all its is a nice runner and a great test piece!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Yard Sale Buy!

Hi all!
I hope that you are all enjoying the nice weather and spending a bit of time outside!  This morning my Mother and I decided to go yardsaling and we had a blast!  It's always fun to see what is out there and we get to spend some time together sans kids!

This morning I was at the yard sale of a quilting friend of mine and she happened to be selling this!

The Elna Press Alize! 


Here it is open.  I have wanted one of these for a while to press out my finished rug hooked pieces.  Even though it was a reasonable price I at first hesitated.  But, after I got home I thought - why not!  So, I went back and grabbed it..

I had a spot in my sewing studio that was pretty much just covered in what ever I needed to throw somewhere that turns out to be the perfect spot for it; so, I cleared it off and it fits perfectly.

I switched it on and wow does it do a great job of quickly pressing those blocks and units.  I know that I will be very happy with this addition :-)  My husband is also happy b/c he will be able to iron his work shirts LOL!!

I love yard sales :-D

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Scrappy Trips is Finished!

Done and done!  Quilted and bound!


Scrappy Trips is finished and ready to be donated.  I am very happy with how this turned out.  I am extremely thrilled with how many scraps this used up.  My 2.5" strip bin is nearly empty after my New Years mystery quilt and this one.  I backed this with a large piece of flannelette I have had forever and didn't really have any use for but didn't want to get rid of.  Even the binding was EXACTLY the right amount to bind the quilt with very little left-over.  Awesome!  I think that I will try to keep one of these on the go to be donated.


Here's a close-up of the quilting I used my loricles swirls grooved board and  a 40 weight variegated cotton thread top and bobbin.  I have to say - after working with Glide thread so much I forgot how temperamental and linty cotton thread can be!  Don't get me wrong I still like it but you definitely cannot move the machine as fast as with the Glide thread. 

I am really enjoying doing these charity quilts again.  I feel like it is a win-win situation.  I use up scraps, get to quilt; and, I am not storing yet another lap quilt that I honestly don't need.  I mean really - how many quilts does a girl need?!